Never Leave the Car Accident Scene

Never Leave the Car Accident Scene

car accident injuriesFor example, you’re involved in a car crash, but it’s not a critical one. You’ve crashed with another car, but the damage is insignificant. No people appear to be injured at first look. So you’re good to drive away, is that right?

Actually, you’re not. Regardless of whether a wreck looks dangerous, you always need to stop, check on the other driver and passenger involved, exchange information of insurance and report it to the police. If you don’t, you’ve done a crime.

It Could Be Elevated to a Felony.

car accident lawyerFor example in Texas, driving away after a crash could give you a charge of failing to stop and provide aid. It’s a misconduct offense, but if someone is injured or killed, it could be elevated to a felony.

Also, if someone is hurt, you are required to give support to an injured passenger, including bringing him or her to a hospital if needed.