Never Forget to Call 911

Never Forget to Call 911

car accident lawyerOther people think that if no one was hurt in a car crash, it’s not important to call 911 and state the disaster. This is really a terrible idea, and here is the reason.

For example, you and the other driver make a sort of a man to man agreement to let the insurance company manage everything, but not to tell the crash to the police.

How Do You Can Know That Their Insurance Is Up to Date

car accident lawyersBut even if the other driver is on the level, how do you can know that their insurance is up to date or real? How do you see the driver that hit you doesn’t have active arrest warrants? Also, someone may need medical care, so you should call and report what happened.

Some surveys say a one in seven drivers has no car insurance. Some are skirting the policy by giving a fake or expired insurance card.